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First Floor, Swan Buildings, 20 Swan St, Manchester, M4 5JW
24/7 - 365 days.
Bilwire Electrical Services
Additional Lighting

Adding additional lighting can either add drama to an existing room or be the finishing touch to a new renovation. A room in your home is just another room, but with the right lighting, it can be something spectacular!

Additional Lighting Installation in Manchester, Lancashire, Rossendale and Surrounding Areas

Bilwire Electrical Services install additional lights all across Manchester, Lancashire, Rossendale and surrounding areas. We love getting our hands on all sorts of additional lighting installations and lighting projects. From removing existing and old fixtures to custom inside-the-wall type wiring and new feature designs. Bilwire Electrical Services can perform all of residential and commercial additional lighting installations for both inside your home and outdoor spaces. From under cabinet lighting installations to epic entrance illuminations, we cover it all!

From achieving ambient lighting in your kitchen or living room through expert ceiling light fitting or replacing of old and faulty fixtures with new modern lighting installations to maximising your wall accent lighting options, Bilwire Electrical Services can help you out. If it’s just advice or if you’re unsure about what to choose, in order to meet your lighting needs just let us know. For instance, there are various under vanity and cabinet light designs and installation techniques for your bathroom or kitchen if you’re after subtle task lighting options for when you use these rooms in the middle of the night.

Here are some of the additional lighting installations we cover:

  • Pendants and chandeliers, wall sconces and wallchieres, track and recessed lighting
  • Floor lamps, under cabinet lights, desk and swing arm lights
  • Dresser lights, wall spotlights, bathroom mirror lamps
  • Security garden lighting; led light installation
Bilwire Electrical Services in Manchester, Lancashire, Rossendale and Surrounding Areas

No matter how extensive your electrical needs may be, the certified electricians at Bilwire Electrical Services will ensure a clean job that’s performed with the utmost care. Our company was founded by Bilal S, a local electrician whose interest in electrical work began in high school and grew into the business you see today. Our commitment to providing the very best electrical work is evident in every project we complete to this day, and we’d be happy to show you first-hand the outstanding service you can expect from our licensed electricians in Manchester.

When searching for a reliable electrician in Manchester, call Bilwire Electrical Services at 0333 344 6898. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, LED Lighting installations, consumer unit upgrades, safety reports for landlords in Manchester and even hot tub wiring!
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