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First Floor, Swan Buildings, 20 Swan St, Manchester, M4 5JW
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Emergency Lighting Installation Services in Manchester, Lancashire, Rossendale and Surrounding Areas
Emergency Lighting Manchester
Emergency Lighting Manchester, Lancashire, Rossendale and Surrounding Areas

Emergency lights and emergency exit lights are essential for maintaining a safe business or workplace because they help keep us in order, prevent panic, enable a safe movement and contribute to timely evacuation. If you’re in need of an inspection or looking for an electrician in Manchester to service your buildings emergency lighting, call Bilwire Electrical Services today!

Exit Lighting Installation

The emergency exit sign and lighting requirements in the U.K is all about the visibility. All points of egress, including exits to the outside, hallways, stairwells, and doors leading to the actual emergency exits themselves. Emergency exit lights must be clearly visible and marked with an approved exit sign.

The emergency exit sign must be readily visible from any given direction. Depending on the orientation of the door or exit in relation to the hallway or corridor leading to it. The exit sign can be either fixed flat against the wall or perpendicular to it. In some cases, both orientations of exit signs may be required when an exit door is at the intersection of two hallways.

Emergency exit lights are harder to stay on top of than other parts of your fire protection system, because out of everything they’re probably the last thing you’d expect to go wrong. At Bilwire Electrical Services, we provide a thorough exit light inspection procedure. Some of the inspections carried out are as follows:

  • Full function exit lighting test for a duration of 1hr 30mins
  • Disconnecting the power supply to the exit lights for additional testing
  • Inspection of the lenses for any sulfation and also the exit light batteries
  • Cleaning of the lenses and batteries if necessary 
  • Adjustment and alignment of the exit light beam
  • Emergency exit light testing and placement of labels on each light
Bilwire Electrical Services in Manchester, Lancashire, Rossendale and Surrounding Areas

No matter how extensive your electrical needs may be, the certified electricians at Bilwire Electrical Services will ensure a clean job that’s performed with the utmost care. Our company was founded by Bilal S, a local electrician whose interest in electrical work began in high school and grew into the business you see today. Our commitment to providing the very best electrical work is evident in every project we complete to this day, and we’d be happy to show you first-hand the outstanding service you can expect from our licensed electricians in Manchester.

When searching for a reliable electrician in Manchester, call Bilwire Electrical Services at 0333 344 6898. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, LED Lighting installations, consumer unit upgrades, safety reports for landlords in Manchester and even hot tub wiring!
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